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Eurofungi Sp. z o.o.

Eurofungi company

Eurofungi company deals with the wholesale of white mushrooms produced in the mentioned mushroom farms.

Eurofungi company cooperates with many customers from the European Union (United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Scandinavian countries) and retail chains and supermarkets in Poland.

Since we sell mushrooms grown in our mushroom farms, we can provide the consumer with the highest quality of fresh mushrooms in a very short period of time from the moment of harvest.


We deliver 800 tons of mushrooms per month

We have two packaging lines, so that our product can be prepared to sell directly to the final client. Each scale pan of mushrooms is qualitatively controlled, weighted and assigned with the individual identification code (LOT). Currently we are packing the mushrooms in the following ranges: cups with a weight of 250 g, 500 g.

On request we can prepare a packed assortment in containers of varying sizes, all depends on the needs and requirements of our customers. The scale pans are packed in bulk packaging, which is gathered up on pallets. Thus prepared assortment goes to the finished product warehouse, where it is subjected to further cooling in temperature 2°C.

Our mushroom

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Markiewicz mushroom farm in Dobroń

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Tenderenda mushroom farm in Wronowice

Eurofungi Sp. z o.o.